1. From Birth to Burial
2. Selling Skeletons
3. Vertigo
4. Triggers and Tripwires
5. Luna
6. Crimson Kiss
7. The River
8. Ashes
9. Survivors?
10. Miscellanea
11. Moisture Residue


      Jesse Hasek – Vocals
      Ryan “Tater” Johnson – Guitar/Vocals
      Brian Vodinh – Drums/Guitar/Production
      Chad Huff – Touring Guitar
      Ryan Collier – Touring Bass
      Kyle Mayer – Touring Drums

      There are few noises as powerful as the sound of confidence. After a decade of trials and tribulations, hit singles and music industry politics, 10 Years have emerged stronger than ever, freed by their own independence (both creatively and professionally), with a hard rock sound as steadfastly resilient as the salt-of-the-Earth fans relentlessly packing clubs to see them play. A 10 Years album is a celebration of strength through adversity.

      From Birth To Burial, the second full-length platter issued through the band’s own Palehorse imprint, is the most diverse, dark and unabashedly heavy offering from the post-grunge songsmiths. 10 Years blessed the world with Top 10 radio anthems like “Shoot It Out,” “Beautiful” and their breakthrough single, the Alt-Rock #1 “Wasteland.” From Birth To Burial represents the sum total of a decade of experience, channeled through exceptionally authentic hard rock music as timeless as it is loud.

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